Non-Executive Recruitment

Vision and Values

Our vision

“To improve the quality of people’s lives, in their homes and community, by providing the best in integrated health and social care.”

Our values


  • As one trust, we enhance the lives of our patients through our commitment, support and working together

  • We are proud to serve our local Community by providing integrated quality services with our partner organisations

  • We respect and value the trust we are given to enter our patients’ homes and lives


  • We provide compassionate, co-ordinated and personalised quality care that is safe and effective

  • We empower and educate our patients and their carers in the effective delivery and management of their own independence, health and wellbeing

  • We are dedicated to holistic, compassionate care and demonstrate this through our commitment to our personal and professional development


  • Our expertise, commitment and creativity are key to the successful delivery of our services

  • We are always open to new ideas that support us in delivering effective compassionate care to our patients

  • We continuously innovate and implement efficient delivery of care